New Balance MRT580SG x Shoe Gallery ‘Tour de Miami’


There weren’t many New Balance collaborations in 2014 that caught my eye, but when New Balance teamed up with Miami natives Shoe Gallery, this was a pair that I had to get my hands on.

This shoe draws inspiration from the biking culture and the vibrancy of South Beach, and this is shown in the striking blue uppers with bold red accents to compliment, reminiscent of the colours of cycling clothing company Rapha. Another nice touch is the carbon-fibre heel set, commonly found on high performance bikes to reduce the weight significantly. Every shoe needs some reflective material, and we find that in the way of the red collar.

Now, the MT580 isn’t a model that I would usually go out my way to buy, I personally find the model quite chunky with the roll bar, and then very clumpy when worn. However, add a RevLite midsole to drastically reduce the weight, while increasing comfort, and then a no-sew upper giving the shoe a really sharp wedge profile, and in steps the MRT580. That is a shoe that I can wear.








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