New Site

Just checking in to direct you all to my new site, which can be found at the address below;

I’m going to keep this WordPress site here as there’s a lot of great stuff on it but I’ve had some troubles with the platform so have moved to Squarespace.


Clarks Nature IV “Navy Combi”

First off, apologies for the two month absence, I’ve literally been trying for two months to get my new site up and running but I’ve been absolutely swamped so have completely failed in getting it ready.

However, the good folks over at Clarks sent me some shoes, so I figured I’d make an appearance just to do a little bit of writing along with some shots.

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HANON x Penfield Kasson x Halley Stevensons “Dark Forest”

You might have caught it on the sly, but a couple of weeks ago, HANON dropped their second Penfield Kasson collaboration, following on from the Kasson that they worked on back in 2013.

I’ve actually been wearing a sample version of this jacket for the best part of the year, and has been my absolute go-to, and has handled everything that the Scottish weather has thrown at it, with the help of the Halley Stevensons waxed cotton which it is made out of.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Leaving from Berlin, again by train, we travelled to Prague in the Czech Republic, which was a much more pleasant train journey than from Gdansk to Berlin, but I guess you come to expect that from the German’s, they’re pretty damn good at that sort of thing.

We weren’t planning on making this into a thing, but after these train journeys and what not, we were super lazy when it came to finding our way to our accomodation via public transport so into a taxi we went!

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In search of snow at Lecht

Emma’s car needed to go into the garage for some warranty recall thing, and the garage is in Elgin which is a little over an hour away from Aberdeen, so it called for an early start on Saturday, and I wasn’t best pleased with that.


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