Mill of Nethermill

A friend from work told me about this abandoned outdoor swimming pool in Tarlair which is up in Macduff, so myself and Emma decided to head up there a couple of weekends ago. However, I didn’t actually do any digging before I went, so when we got there, there was basically a fun day going on, which included barbecues, bouncy castles, and all that kinda sh*t, so it was a bit of a wasted journey.

So we got back in the car and fought the urge to relive our youth and go to Macduff Aquarium and instead headed back down to Aberdeen via the coastal route, which are notoriously long, windy, and pretty rough in areas, but some of the spots you find along the way are just to die for.

Mill of Nethermill is basically an area with some holiday homes near Pennan, but there’s a lovely rocky beach situated in a sheltered part of the coast, so we stopped off here to have a wander, climb some rocks, watch seals, get scared by an otter pup, and take some pics.







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