New Balance C-Series


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New Balance introduces an exciting and brand new category for 2015: ‘C-Series’, and we’re looking forward to heading to London on the 22nd of January for the launch!  We already know that the event is taking place at Tokyo Bike London, and Tokyo Bike’s across the world, so what does the ‘C’ stand for, any guesses? Cycling, maybe?

Following the first teaser image, a couple of teaser videos were then released and you can check them out below:

More info was released at the start of the new year about the upcoming New Balance C-Series, and we now know that the first two models of this collection will be the 600C and 996C. These two shoes will have a complete new look designed specifically for cycling, and we’ll take you through some of the details with more of the released teaser images.


The cork insole shown in this picture is a nice touch, and it seems like it will feature in both models.


It seems like New Balance have found their preferred model for messing around with and creating stunning new uppers with. Here’s a look at the New Balance 996C from the C-Series, and the sleek silhouette features a tonal black upper, with reinforced forefoots, hard density rubber outsoles, and tongue pockets for the laces.



The N for the New Balance 600C comes in the form of a perforated logo and really adds to the whole stripped back and clean look that the MRL600C silhouette has.  For the MRL996C, the N logo is pretty special and is made from bike reflector material, of course designed to look and act exactly as a bike reflector would. Pretty neat idea.



It’s all in the details, and this is something that NB do perfectly, every time.  The New Balance MRL996C on top with the revolutionary revlite midsole, and the CM600C on the bottom.



All pics and info via The Daily Street.

A closer look at the excellent tongue pockets for the laces, and also the pull tab on the rear of the New Balance CM600C C-Series.

Here’s a couple more full length videos giving a proper look at the New Balance C-Series:

From the videos above, we can spot the MRL996C and the CM600C, but we also notice that there are some hi-tops, and we are still awaiting some better pictures of those.

However, Mita Sneakers have the C-Series for sale on their website so below are the full images of the shoes:

New Balance MRL996C –



New Balance CM600C –





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