Karhu Aria “Birch & Juniper” Pack

Now that I’m working at HANON, I pretty much get access to all footwear that comes through our doors, and the drops from Karhu that I’ve managed to get a hold of have really impressed me.

Towards the end of last year the dropped a couple of colourways in the Aria, and three colourways in the Fusion 2.0, followed by a collaboration with Patta on the latter model.

Kicking off this year, they’re releasing the Karhu Aria “Birch & Juniper” Pack, and they just might be the best drop I’ve seen from them!


The Karhu Aria “Birch & Juniper” Pack will be launching at HANON on Thursday 25th of February at 00:01GMT (I’ll post the links down the page), so let’s take a look at both pairs in a little more detail.


First up, the Karhu Aria “Juniper”, which features an upper of rich pigskin suede.

Taken from the good people at Karhu, “a juniper tree twists and turns into unique shapes like a great journey and signifies the ability of staying true to oneself. Leaving winter behind, “kataja” (Finnish for juniper), is represented by the blue and orange which signify the berries, while the green and tan portrays the leaves and rich forest soil.”

DSC_8416  DSC_8415






You’ll be able to grab a pair from HANON here from February 26th at 00:01GMT.

Complimenting the Karhu Aria “Juniper” perfectly is the Aria “Birch” which again comes in a rich pigskin suede make-up.


Again, taken from Karhu, “Birch, or “koivu” in Finnish, is a highly flammab wood, and can catch fire even when wet, and is often used by woodsmen to light fires when in need of warmth. Symbolising new beginnings and cleansing of the past, the ‘koivu’ colours of light brown, tans and soft greys, are accented with the blues and yellow of the Spring months.”

If the Karhu Aria “Birch” takes your fancy, then you’ll be able to grab a pair from HANON here from February 26th at 00:01GMT.









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