Aberdeen City Centre

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you might have heard something about Pokemon being quite a big deal, well, there’s not many of those ol’ Poke Stops where we live and Emma ran out of Poke Balls, so I guess this was an opportunity to grab some shots of the city in the evening, and maybe catch something other than a f*cking Pidgey!

There’s something slightly amusing but also really great about being able to wander around your city late at night and visit ‘landmarks’ which you probably wouldn’t bother going to other than the fact they’re Poke Stops, and then actually talk/greet people who are at these places for the same reasons you are.

Some people might say it’s lame or whatever, but we all enjoyed Pokemon when we were younger, and if it gets you out and about rather than sitting in, then who cares, right? And it was blue hour anyway, so just look at that sky!





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