Glen o’ Dee Abandoned Hospital

So we were on YouTube the other night watching videos of people exploring abandoned places, and that got us thinking about spots that are abandoned around where we stay.

There isn’t much, but there’s this one place, and this one place is very well known.

When I was a little younger, maybe around 7 years or so ago, there always used to be talk about this abandoned hospital, and how people would drive out to visit it in the night, and of course, every time without fail they always made the point of saying just how scary it was.

Now I absolutely hate stuff like that, and I never ever ever went along to check out this abandoned hospital through fear, I’m not into that sort of thing at all.

However, it was the middle of the day, and we were out near the place, and since the whole abandoned thing and stories about the place were fresh in our mind, we decided to go check it out.

When you drive up the road to the place, it’s actually pretty haunting seeing it through the woods. As the building is made from mostly wood with a granite tower, it looks like something straight out of a horror movie, especially with all the smashed and/or boarded up windows, and the fact that nature has taken over around the building.


I should probably give you a little bit of history first, right?

It opened in 1900 and was used as a hospital for tuberculosis patients before the introduction of antibiotics, and then the hospital was converted into a luxury hotel when tuberculosis has died down. Following the hotel, it was requisitioned for military use during WWII and once again became an infectious diseases hospital when Aberdeen was hit by a typhoid epidemic. It then served as a care home for the elderly before closing in 1998 and has remained abandoned since.


We parked nearby and took a wander around the outskirts of the building on the outside of the fence to see what it was like, and if there was any way in. There were two obvious routes in, which happened to be via ground floor windows, but one of them still had a lot of glass around the frame and led into a pitch black room, so there was no way I was going in that way.

After poking my head through the window and listening for a bit to see if there was anyone in the building already, all was quiet, so I climbed in, and then Emma finally joined me.




The window took us into a small room, and then out into the main hallway, where the main set of stairs lie. The place stinks and is pretty trashed now, with no floor in some parts, and warped in most due to water damage, along with the rubbish and mess left behind by people who have been in for a look around.

We weren’t super keen on staying for long, so we just wandered a short distance along the ground floor corridors, and then up the stairs and out onto the landing of each floor to see what was what.



There’s a room on the third floor with a ladder up to the granite tower, but after climbing up the ladder and onto the platform, it all looked a bit dodgy and there wasn’t an easy way up to the next level so I gave it a miss.


There’s a knocked over fence outside the window that we climbed in, and we heard the sound of someone standing on it as we got back down to the ground floor. We had no idea what to do in this situation, but I figured it would be better off for whoever it was coming in to be aware we were there.

Once they were inside the building also, it became a little less unnerving when exploring, so we ventured further along the corridors and checked out some of the rooms. There wasn’t a great deal to see to be honest, I guess most of the stuff has been stripped out over the years, and there was one room we wanted to find but somehow missed it… anyway, check out some of the shots below, and see just how trashed the place is.





















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