hanon shop x Diadora Borg Elite “Spirit of ’83” – In-store Release

hanon shop’s latest collaboration was with Diadora on the Borg Elite model, named the “Spirit of ’83”, and you can take a look at the inspiration for the shoe here.

It had felt like an absolute age since the last hanon shop collaboration, I’m certainly struggling to remember when I was at an in-store release for one, but anyway, the “Spirit of ’83” had generated a huge amount of interest over the last few weeks, so a big turnout was expected come Saturday morning at 10am when the shop opened it’s doors.

Rightly so, with the offer of a free Diadora x hanon shop tracksuit top with the first 15 pairs of shoes purchased, many had shown up on Friday evening to queue through the night for the shoes.



Arriving at the shop on Saturday morning and checking out the queue, it was quite possibly the biggest turn out since the Adidas Centaur collaboration way back in 2013.

The folks at hanon shop had definitely pulled out all the stops for this release, and the shoe itself came with a lovely dust bag, a tradition for their collaborations, as well as #spiritof83 stickers, tote bag, a bag of sweets, and the option to buy the tracksuit top (limited to 83 pieces) if you were outwith the first 15.





As an added bonus, Aberdeen legend and the man who scored the winning goal that night in Gothenburg in 1983, John Hewitt was on hand to sign the boxes and take pictures with those who wished.




This was definitely a really nice touch and many of the Aberdeen FC fans who turned out for the release got the chance to meet a club legend!

A big shout out to everyone who queued through the night, showed up in the morning, and ultimately passed through to grab the excellent Diadora Borg Elite x hanon shop “Spirit of ’83”.

Thanks to the guys for letting me hang about at the shop also and take some shots!

Here’s some more shots from the release –







As an added little extra to the whole release, if you had a keen eye, you might have clocked another pair of Diadora Borg Elites being worn on-foot…





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