New Balance MH988XNB

I apologise for the lack of content recently, but I picked up something different recently, so figured that it only made sense to write about them, and a big thanks to Urban Industry for the hook up!

Anyway, you may have seen the MH988 doing the rounds over the last few months, no, it’s not a strange version of a 998, like I’ve seen some people say. Easy mistake to make, especially when we are so used to seeing the ever popular 998 wherever we look.

The New Balance MH988 is a men’s sports style shoe, which essentially combines performance and style into one shoe, straight out of the Tokyo design studio. The shoe features a premium suede upper sat on top of New Balance’s revolutionary Fresh Foam midsole which is comfy and looks great, two very important factors when buying a shoe.

We are all used to Encap and C-Cap cushioning, but this Fresh Foam is something special. It is created from 3D Printing and the midsoles are equipped with intelligent geometries which respond the the wearer’s natural gait. If you’ve tried RevLite midsoles, then you may find the Fresh Foam to be a little harder and more responsive.

Now I’m not one to shy away from my feelings towards New Balance as a brand currently, but they really have got it bang on with this one. This is a shoe that I’d be happy to spend my money on without the worry about the quality of the materials, or how good the shape is. That combination of blue and brown suede with perforation detailing, canvas tongue and brown leather tongue label is to die for. Mid to high styled footwear may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they certainly aren’t mine, but I urge you all to give these a try.













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