When platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t enough, you need somewhere else to put your thoughts in more than 120 characters, a paragraph, or a photo as such, so this is where this blog comes in.

I am a 23 year old from Aberdeen, Scotland, who has a passion for footwear, and travelling, which is what this site will cover. I have been collecting trainers for around 6 years now, and during my time at university studying mechanical engineering, while I was procrastinating I developed a keen interest in photography which was directly related to trainers, and have spent a lot of time learning and practicing.

I am also the co-owner of New Balance Gallery, which is Instagram’s largest New Balance reference point, and I recently created a site to post content on which you can find here.

I now also work for hanon shop in Aberdeen as their social media manager and photographer, so a lot of my work from their will feature on this blog. Check out our Instagram account below here.

If you share similar interests, or just like reading things on the internet, then I hope you’ll enjoy spending some time here and checking out what I’ve been up to over the last few years.

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