Glen Clova

A Monday holiday and the sun was shining, that only meant one thing… it was time to go explore!

We headed south of Aberdeenshire en route to Glen Clova which is one of the six Angus glens, and we had the intention of heading to the north of the glen to check out Loch Brandy.



We parked just round the corner from the Glen Clova Hotel and then to get to the start of the route, you have to pass by the right hand side of the hotel and then start your ascent up the hill.


There had been quite a bit of snow over the last week or so, so we were prepared with jackets and jumpers, but after about half an hour of walking, we were literally down to just wearing t-shirts, it was roasting!





We even encountered some fresh snow halfway up, but we were fully focussed on reaching Loch Brandy so we could take a seat for a second. Leaving the snow behind, we were sure that we were on the home straight now and would catch a glimpse of Loch Brandy soon, and we weren’t wrong!



Now that we had reached Loch Brandy nestled in the deep corrie with it’s impressively steep sides and shattered crags, Emma decided that she wanted to climb up that path which you can see above to reach the summit of the Snub at 2,746ft.

It was windy as hell up here, and the route up the side of the Snub wasn’t great, with it being wet and slippery the whole way up, so we found ourselves on all fours at a few points trying to hold on.


We reached the summit cairn of the Snub which provided some pretty impressive views all around, but with a sh*t load of wind and a hell of a lot of snow incoming, we didn’t hang about and made our way around the mountain plateau, passing by Green Hill which stands at 2,854ft and then back down to the base of Loch Brandy.







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