London – NB Flagship Store and Roof Hangs


Just in case you missed it, New Balance opened a flagship store in London on Oxford Street, and they were set to celebrate in style on the evening of Thursday 27th October.

Myself and Rob headed down to represent NB Gallery and catch up with friends and to meet a load of new ones, as well as sample the load of prosecco that was on offer… or maybe I was the only one drinking the prosecco.

I didn’t get a chance to shoot any shots of the store before all the crazy lights came on, but it spans three floors and has a very impressive selection of all things performance, and of course, a lifestyle section downstairs. Definitely worth checking out when you’re next in London!

There were a number of NB Athletes there on the night, such as Aaron Ramsey, Joe Ledley, and Heather Watson, as well as a number of dance performances, and the opportunity to purchase the two shoes created for the Flagship Store. I was lucky enough to be gifted the 1500 from the pack (massive thanks to New Balance and Gung Ho for that), but I had to grab the 991 as well, the perks of wearing a UK7!

Check out a couple of shots from the night below. I’ll try get my hands on the official shots from the night and do another post over on NB Gallery in more detail.




The next day I headed to catch up with the folks over at The Drop Date and borrowed a desk and then their rooftop to take some shots of the New Balance “London Duo” Pack looking over East London.




Thanks to my good friends at The Drop Date for their hospitality!




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