HANON x Penfield Kasson x Halley Stevensons “Dark Forest”

You might have caught it on the sly, but a couple of weeks ago, HANON dropped their second Penfield Kasson collaboration, following on from the Kasson that they worked on back in 2013.

I’ve actually been wearing a sample version of this jacket for the best part of the year, and has been my absolute go-to, and has handled everything that the Scottish weather has thrown at it, with the help of the Halley Stevensons waxed cotton which it is made out of.


There are only 75 pieces of the jacket produced globally, and it features a 100% waxed cotton performance outer shell, diamond quilted hood and sleeve lining, contrast red fleece shearling body lining, chest pockets, fleece lined pockets, fully adjustable peaked hood, storm flap plackett and inner zip, leather draw cord, adjustable cuffs and dual branding…. etc etc etc, you get the point, it’s a banger.



While shooting the images for the collaboration, I might have had a little accident where I slipped and ended up dropping my camera into a swamp, fully submerged, the lot. It’s been away from me for about a month getting repaired, so that’s why there’s not been a lot of new content from me lately. Fingers crossed I’ll have the camera and lens back before the new year! The jacket is available to buy now via HANON.











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