Gdansk, Poland


Ok, first off, I must apologise. I think it’s been like two months since I last uploaded a blog post, but that’s not without reason. I was on holiday for a couple of weeks, and then had a few more trips when I came back, and have just generally been absolutely swamped. Not to mention the fact that I can no longer upgrade my media storage space on here, so have had to upload images to Flickr and then post the links in here.

Anyway, let’s get to it…

There is absolutely no way that I am leaving it until mid-September to go away on holiday, I have never ever looked forward to a holiday so much in my life, long awaited indeed.

Much like our trip to Italy last year, we started off by booking flights (we booked these at the start of the year which made the wait until September even worse!), and to try and make things a little cheaper, we decided to try work some route out using direct flights to and from Aberdeen.

Wizz Air started doing direct flights to Gdansk and Warsaw earlier this year, and I had visited friends in Poland last year, and Emma wasn’t able to make it, so we figured that was a good enough place to start!

Honestly, there’s not much thought goes into it, we just book some flights and wing everything in between. We’d booked hotels and everything and hadn’t even looked at connections between each city until two weeks before we went. Well prepared.

Anyway, the flight from Aberdeen to Gdansk with Wizz Air was at around 9:30pm on a Tuesday night, so we both had a day at work to endure before the out of office was on and off we went.

Arriving into Gdansk after midnight on the Tuesday local time, we had booked in to stay at the Stay Inn Hotel for the night we arrived, and then the following night also, giving us only one day to explore the city, but we figured that would be enough time.

Before I go any further, and while we are on the topic of hotels, I cannot recommend the Stay Inn Hotel enough, reasonably priced, really nice and perfect location, be sure to check it out if you’re ever heading to Gdansk. And big shout out to our taxi driver for the scary as hell ride from the airport to the hotel, appreciate it.

Too tired after the travelling and day at work to bother heading out that night to see where things were, we just hit the hay and grabbed some shut eye before an earlyish wake-up call to go see what the city was all about.

Gdansk_2 We found our way to the “old town” touristy part which was literally just round the corner from the hotel where we grabbed some breakfast and people watched for a bit, and then we headed off to explore the rest of the city. Gdansk_1

The old town part is relatively small compared to other Eastern European cities, and in a couple of hours we had done everything that we wanted to do, except for the stuff you have to climb, which we always leave until last or spread across the day.


There was only two though, with the first being the main town hall – Ratusz Glownego Miasta and it’s 83m clock tower which provided stunning views of St. Mary’s Church, which coincidentally was next on the agenda to climb to the top of. St. Mary’s Basilica is one of the largest brick churches in the world, and it is a must see if you are in Gdansk, with it’s clean interior, and of course, the huge tower you can climb which has a very eerie path up to it with spiral staircases and dark rooms. After we had explored the Basilica, we headed back to the hotel and chilled out for a bit before we headed back out to grab some tea and see if there was much evening activity in the old town. We were also on a 7:30am train to Berlin the next day, so went a walk to find the train station after tea so that we had our bearings for the morning. Clearly we like to be prepared during the holiday and not before! I promise it won’t be a two month wait until the Berlin post appears… Hopefully it’ll only be a few days!





























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