Well of Lecht Mine

I’m forever spending too much of my life on Instagram looking at all these great photographers visiting these amazing places in Scotland, and that’s exactly what I was doing one night a couple weekends ago when we were up in Fochabers at the caravan when I spotted someone paying a visit to the Well of Lecht Mine, and it looked awesome just nestled in the hills!

We were heading back down to Aberdeen on the Sunday, and I wanted to take a swing past Craigellachie Bridge, so I managed to persuade Emma to then carry on down those really long “tourist routes” home so we could head past Lecht and check out the mine.

The rain was absolutely pouring down, and the mist was pretty bad, but that’s my favourite scene when we’re out exploring Scotland, so on went the waterproof jackets, and a lot of puddle avoiding on our way to the Well of Lecht Mine.

There’s not much to it anymore unfortunately, but set in the hills at the foot of the Lecht, the iron mine was originally opened in 1730, and closed only 7 years later, before being re-opened in 1841, and becoming the largest manganese mine ever worked in Scotland.

Only the mill building remains, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a pretty damn cool sight nestled in the hills!








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