hanon shop x Reebok Classic Leather ‘3 Castles’



Reebok haven’t been shy about collaborating with anyone and everyone recently, and it may seem like every weekend there’s at least 4 different Pump Fury’s dropping, but this programme from Reebok has been the cause of some great collaborations, from Pumps, to Classic Leathers, and to Pump Fury’s.

Only recently hanon shop in Aberdeen released their own make-up of the Pump Fury, and now they are back and eager to present a brand new collaboration with Reebok through their Certified Network program.

As a follow up to the Classic Leather ‘Leopards’ edition of Summer 2013, we again take inspiration from the coat of arms of Aberdeen, this time via the 3 castles that feature on the crest. Both the leopards and castles are symbols that go back to the times of Robert The Bruce and are commonly associated with the city, featuring on plaques, historic buildings, statues and railings or adorned to lamp posts and gates.

To depict the castle and hills they were once situated on, our 3 Castles edition of the CL is a simple execution of rich pig suede in shades of grey with lawn green overlays. A micro- perforation appears on the quarter and an old-school sun burst perf is called out on the vamp whilst a granite speckled collar lining completes the shoe. Attention to detail and a nod to the official colours of Aberdeen is represented on the red woven tongue label and heel counter. Additionally our fire logo appears embossed on the left heel whilst the Reebok Certified logo appears on the right. Finally each pair will come complete with two lace sets – one tonal, one white.

hanon x Reebok CL ‘3 Castles’ is released on Saturday September 6th 2014.


DSC_8161 DSC_8186






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