Prague, Czech Republic

Leaving from Berlin, again by train, we travelled to Prague in the Czech Republic, which was a much more pleasant train journey than from Gdansk to Berlin, but I guess you come to expect that from the German’s, they’re pretty damn good at that sort of thing.

We weren’t planning on making this into a thing, but after these train journeys and what not, we were super lazy when it came to finding our way to our accomodation via public transport so into a taxi we went!

Arriving at the Hotel Golden City Garni mid-afternoon, checking in straight away, and then hanging out for a little bit, it felt like we were a little distant from the centre so rather than getting a ticket for the public transport or anything, in typical fashion, we took a walk down the road and into the centre.

It turns out that the tram pretty much took the exact route that we walked into the city centre, so I guess we’d be making some use out of that for our next couple of days in Prague.

I really should have taken notes or something about what we got up to, or just wrote these blog posts a lot earlier rather than two months down the line, but going by my pictures, we just done our usual walkabout to get our bearings and found a little island in the middle of the river where we chilled for a bit and watched the sun go down.















Our first full day in Prague consisted of us getting up early, getting a two day tram pass, and heading into the Old Town Square so we could grab breakfast, take some pictures, and then buy tickets for the standard City Sightseeing buses (honestly, we should have shares in this company).





We wanted to head up to Prague Castle and check out the amazing castle grounds, so figured that we might as well get a tour of Prague on the bus while we’re at it. You’re also able to get a guided tour of the castle grounds via City Sightseeing also, which although it was quite short, it was pretty perfect in terms of what it covered and what we got to see, as well as a spot on tour guide!









The castle grounds are pretty spectacular by the way, and as you can see from the couple of shots above, the view from the grounds is also pretty great!

I think we were on a pretty strict timescale with what we planned out, so we didn’t spent too long at the castle, and instead said that we would come back the next day to check it out at our own pace.




Prague’s own mini Eiffel Tower was quite nearby to the castle, and the although slightly steep at some points, it was a pretty lovely walk to the tower, so we headed here, and it was most definitely worth it for the view!




Our tram passes meant that we were able to get the funicular railway from the top of Petrin Hill near the tower down to the town, and our legs were definitely happy about that.


There are a few towers around the Old Town, and one in particular at one end of the famous Charles Bridge which we figured would give us with a pretty good view for sunset, so we paid the small fee and headed up to the top where we spent a couple of hours until the sun went down.




If you ever make it to Prague and are looking to just chill in the evening, then you should definitely head to Wenceslas Square. I think we went there every night we were in Prague and didn’t really eat a meal at a restaurant, instead we just got food and drink from the stalls in this square.

Our last day in Prague was going to be a long one as we were getting an overnight train from Prague to Krakow and it wasn’t until late in the evening.

We made the most of our hotel and stayed there as long as we could in the morning to kill a little bit of time, and then back on the tram we went into the Old Town to get some munch before we headed back up to Prague Castle.






After some exploring of the castle grounds, we walked back down from the castle into the Old Town and took in some churches on the way, before we went to see what all the fuss was about with the Astronomical Clock which puts on a show every hour.


There’s also a tower here which overlooks the square, and again, for a small fee you can climb it, so we headed up here for another sunset.







Now, this was one train journey that we were pretty apprehensive about, but it turned out to probably be the best journey we had all holiday! The journey from Prague to Krakow was an overnight one, but it was an absolute nightmare trying to book it, and every time I looked online to figure out how it worked I got more and more confused, but we struck gold somehow and had our own cabin in one of the carriages which meant we managed to get a decent and pretty comfortable night sleep!



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