Haddo House

I was setting up some posts in my drafts, and noticed this Haddo House draft post from over a year ago, which for some reason I hadn’t bother to post, so I figured I might as well, there’s no harm in that, considering all the text and images were already laid out.

If you’re ever out that north of Aberdeen way, then definitely swing by and check it out!

Anyway, Haddo House is about 20 or so north of where I stay, and even longer if you get lost due to road closures and end up racing around these single lane farmer roads, with overgrown grass and bushes preventing you from having any idea about what’s coming round the next corner.

Haddo House is a Scottish stately home, which is now owned by the National Trust for Scotland, however, it was once owned by The Gordons, who later became the Earls of Aberdeen and Marquesses of Aberdeen. They have lived on the site for over 500 years, and Haddo House sits near the site of the old Kellie Castle,  the family’s previous dwellings which were burnt down by the Covenanters and dates from 1732. The house was designed by William Adam in the Georgian Palladian style, but the interior is largely late Victorian as it was refurbished some hundred years later.

So that’s a brief history about the house, I pulled most of it from the internet anyway, so I’m sure if you want to know more, you can just throw it in a google search. But more importantly, the estate has a huge wealth of grounds, which includes a number of forests, fields, a river, and even a lake, plenty of places perfect for taking trainer photos, so I hope you enjoy the series of images from Haddo House Estate.








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