Kinnoull Hill


If you’re from Scotland, then there’s a chance that you’ve probably drove the A90 between Dundee and Perth and maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe you haven’t, but right before you go cross the Friarton Bridge over the River Tay heading southbound, Kinnoull Hill is on your right with it’s tower sat atop right on the edge.

Well, every single time we drive past, we always say how we want to go up there, and finally, we done just that!

We were on our way back from a weekend in Glasgow and the weather was pretty nice (it wasn’t raining) by the time we hit Perth, so we passed through Perth and headed to the car park at the bottom of a trail which should take us to Kinnoull Hill Tower.

Despite how high the tower looks from the A90, the walk is very easy and isn’t steep at all, but the views when you reach the tower are phenomenal.

Check out some shots below of the trail and the views!











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