Puffins at Bullers of Buchan

Last October myself and Emma took a drive to Bullers of Buchan which is just north of Aberdeen, and learned that this was actually a good spot to see puffins when they are nesting, however, with it being October, we were a little out of season.

In the post I wrote back in October, which you can check out here, we said we’d be back, and that’s exactly what we done last Sunday.

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Four Hours Sightseeing in London

Back in November, we visited London to attend the Crepe City sneaker festival, you can check that post here, but we stayed down in London a little longer as Emma had a skating competition a couple of days after, so during their practice and what not, I had around four hours to kill, so I done a little sightseeing.

Combining the London underground with a bit of walking, it’s pretty crazy just how much you can see in a short space of time, and please excuse the haze.

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London Weekend

By now, I’ve spent so much time in London over the last few years, it almost feels like a bit of a second home. I never tire of visiting, whether it’s for a sneaker event, or for a weekend away with Emma. This was my third trip of the year to London so far (not much in reality but it’s more than anywhere else I’ve been this year), and we were mainly going down so Emma could fulfil her little obsession with this above average singer named Adele, but we figured we’d make a weekend out of it.

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