WOMFT – New Balance 1500NO2 x Norse Projects

Norse Projects are one of my favourite brands. If you see me, there’s a good chance at least one item of clothing I’m wearing will be from the Danish heavyweights. So when they come together with my favourite footwear brand, it’s always going to be a winner in my eyes.

Anyway, we headed out last night for a wander through some woods, while trying to avoid being attacked by cows, and it felt fitting to wear the second shoe from this pack as it has some nice earthy brown tones. Hope you like.








WOMFT (yesterday..) – New Balance 670NTU x Norse Projects

Technical not ‘wearing on my feet today’, but more ‘wearing on my feet yesterday’ and Unfortunately, I only have the one shot of these as it was late at work and I didn’t really want to get caught on camera faffing around.

Anyway, one of my favourite pairs and probably my favourite 670, definitely don’t wear them enough.

Norse Projects definitely nailed this collaboration back in 2009 and set the bar extremely high, so when they came back in 2013 with their 1500 ‘Danish Weather Pack’, we were all a little disappointed.


WOMFT – New Balance 1500NO2 x Norse Projects

There was a lot of hope when Norse Projects announced that they were doing another collaboration with New Balance, following the success of their 670 from a few years back.

However, as they started to release teaser pictures, there was some doubt starting to arise as to whether Flimby UK would sort out the shape issues..

.. turns out they never….

So, enjoy a little toe push to make this pair look less ‘banana like’.

One half of the Danish Weather Pack released 2013 by Norse Projects and New Balance –