WOMFT – New Balance 1500CHF x hanon shop

I’ve been wearing this pair quite a lot recently, the last ‘proper shaped but not really’ pair to come out of Flimby, the New Balance 1500CHF x hanon shop ‘Chosen Few’ from 2012.

Also, my blog has had a bit of a revamp, hopefully it should be a lot more user friendly!



DSC_0023 DSC_0033

WOMFT – New Balance 1500CBW

This is a little latest pick-up of mine, and I really couldn’t wait to get them on-feet, so took them for a spin yesterday evening down near the harbour.

The New Balance 1500CBW, has probably my favourite material combination – nubuck and leather. The little series that New Balance UK done of these was just sublime – 1500CBW, NGW, BGW and SGW. Luckily I have three out of the four, just trying to track down the NGW then I’ll have the complete set of probably my favourite 1500’s.

I forget when these were from, I think it was maybe 2006? Correct me if I’m wrong, but anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures, dolphins and lighthouses included.











WOMFT – New Balance 860BTO

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I’ve got a bit of a thing for 860’s at the moment, with a few more pairs still on their way to me. I really need to do a group shot or something as some of the colourways really are great, a forgotten UK model if you must. If only NB UK would bring it back along with the UK Made 1300, that’s all I ask!

Anyway, this is one of my latest pick ups, they’re pretty beat but I gave them a quick scrub with Sneakers ER and it gave them some life, however, there are some patches of suede that are beyond repair – that won’t stop me from wearing them though.

I took these New Balance 860BTO from the mid-2000’s for a spin round some woods near mine with my girlfriend so I hope you enjoy the shots.





WOMFT – New Balance 577GSI x Sneakersnstuff

One year ago today Sneakersnstuff opened the doors of their store in London, and it’s been a big year for them, and that’s set to continue with them announcing another new store – location unknown yet but rumour has it that NYC is on the cards!

So it felt fitting to post a couple on-foot shots of these New Balance 577GSI by the Swedish heavyweights themselves, and this particular pair designed by Erik of SNS. He opted for a nice OG UK 1500 colourway vibe, with premium materials, and of course that stand out all white midsole and outsole, solid job.

Hope you enjoy the couple of quick shots and the shots of the area around where they were taken.





WOMFT – New Balance 997CCF

Another recent addition to the family is the New Balance 997CCF, which I actually grabbed from the NB store in New York last month. One of my absolute favourite 997 colourways so far.

I’ve been doing a lot of WOMFT posts recently, but once I get the chance, I’ll take some off-foot shots and turn these posts into more detailed ones I reckon, but until then, I hope you enjoy.





WOMFT – New Balance 1500NO2 x Norse Projects

Norse Projects are one of my favourite brands. If you see me, there’s a good chance at least one item of clothing I’m wearing will be from the Danish heavyweights. So when they come together with my favourite footwear brand, it’s always going to be a winner in my eyes.

Anyway, we headed out last night for a wander through some woods, while trying to avoid being attacked by cows, and it felt fitting to wear the second shoe from this pack as it has some nice earthy brown tones. Hope you like.








WOMFT – New Balance 997JNB

The 997 has taken the world by storm since it was re-introduced and if I was made of money, I’d of probably grabbed every general release pair. It’s such a great model in it’s own right, and has firmly cemented itself back in with the Made in USA heavy hitters such as the 998, 996, 1300 and 1400.

I grabbed all three pairs from the recent 997 drop, I just couldn’t help myself, but here’s some on-foot shots of the 997JNB until I get round to wearing the others.