New Balance 1300JP2


We’ve known for a while now that 2015 meant the re-release of the beloved New Balance 1300JP, and I was wanting to write a nice article on it, however, NB Encyclopaedia Matt Kyte wrote an excellent piece called Mortgage The House and I’d advice you all to check it out.

Anyway, back in 1984, New Balance introduced the M1300, a shoe which at the time was one of the most expensive on the market, however, the shoe was a bit of a technological breakthrough, with extremely high levels of craftmanship, luxurious materials and the technology necessary for performance. However, even though the M1300 was brought in as a performance shoe, the Japanese seen no reason as to why it shouldn’t also be used for casual wear.

The M1300 original from 1984, M1300 from 1995, M1300J from 2000 and 2005 were only released exclusively in Japan, until the M1300JP in 2010 which was the first to be released outside of Japan. This year, the M1300JP2 will see a global release on the 28th of March, however, some stores in the US released the shoe early so we managed to get an early look at the JP2, and how exactly it compares to previous versions.

New Balance 1300JP2

New Balance 1300JP2_2

New Balance 1300JP2_3

New Balance 1300JP2_1

Image via Complex

The New Balance 1300JP2 is handmade in Maine, USA, and features a bluey-grey premium upper of high-quality nubuck and mesh, sat on a PU-ENCAP midsole and a durable Vibram outsole. The shoe has a plush leather lining, big original N logo, and a yellow coloured heel counter.

As with almost every New Balance shoe released these days, we all love to moan about the shape, and albeit, the 1300JP2 has a prominent toe puff, unlike the 2010 1300JP, however, this shoe should be appreciated for what it is – the best that New Balance has to offer, and boy is it good.

The 1300JP2 will run you $300 in the US, and £189 in the UK, and releases Friday 28th March. It also comes in women’s and kid’s sizes, which are available via New Balance themselves.


New Balance aficionados love to compare the various versions of the New Balance M1300 from 1984 all the way through to 2015, and there have been various images created to compare the tiny differences.

Here’s an original advertisement of the New Balance M1300 from 1984;


New Balance M1300 Original 1984 –

New Balance M1300 1984

New Balance M1300 1995 –

New Balance 1300 1995

Image via Up There Store and Sneakerfreaker

Check out the article in the above hyperlink from Sneakerfreaker and Up There Store, it has a pretty great comparison of the 1995 pair and the 2015 pair.

New Balance M1300J 2000 –

New Balance 1300J 2000

New Balance M1300J 2005 –

New Balance 1300J 2005

New Balance M1300JP 2010 –

New Balance 1300JP 2010

Here are some comparisons between 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010 from; the site is in Chinese (I think?) but I used Google Chrome to translate –

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 22.12.55 Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 22.13.06 Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 22.13.19

Finally, a comparison picture from New Balance Korea from 2015 to 1984 (I will try to source a better copy of this) –


New Balance C-Series Event at TokyoBike London

Last Thursday, the 22nd of January, New Balance launched the exciting new C-Series range at their Tokyo Bike stores in London, New York and Tokyo. We went along to the main event which took place in London, where over 300 people came through and packed out the Tokyo Bike store in Shoreditch.

In keeping with the Japanese theme, there was Sushi and plenty of Japanese Asahi beer to go around all those who were in attendance.

The Tokyo Bike shop featured a bike pedal display showcasing the new C-Series range, as well as a display case explaining how each of the components makes the series a unique lifestyle offering, but with performance enhancements.

It wasn’t just footwear that was on show though, Tokyo Bike premiered two brand new bikes which are colour matched to two of the C-Series shoes, and they combine classic simplicity with modern engineering.

You really have to get a close look at the C-Series, and get them in hand to appreciate the level of work that has went into designing this range. The good people of the Footsoldiers and New Balance Japan have put massive amounts of thought into producing a shoe that not only looks great, provides huge levels of comfort, but holds up well when put through it’s paces providing a high level of performance.

The New Balance C-Series is available via Tokyo Bike, New Balance, and of course, all your other usual New Balance retailers. We can’t wait to see what more is to come from the New Balance C-Series in the future!






























hanon shop x Onitsuka Tiger x Asics “Glover Pack” – In-store Release


The last Saturday of September saw the instore launch of the hanon shop x Onitsuka Tiger x Asics “Glover Pack”, a joint collaboration which pays homage to Japanese and Scottish pivotal figure, Thomas Glover.

Both the Colorado 85, and Gel Epirus weren’t very well received, despite hanon’s continual excellent work on each and every collaboration they do, but the problem was more so with the models, rather than the colourways. It seems like every person wants to see the same silhouettes (GLIII, GLV) being used for EVERY collaboration, which I’m sure you can agree, it would get very boring if this was the case, so I welcome the working on other models.



Surprisingly, the turn out wasn’t as large as the recent Reebok release, but as always, the locals were still out in force to support their local independent store, and many punters left with both the Onitsuka Tiger and the Asics.

The Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 is decked out in a black and golden yellow colourway in lux perforated suede, nubuck and synthetic overlays. The speckled lace-stay and screened in-sock, along with the embossed moustache on the back representing Thomas Glover’s iconic moustache are all great touches.










The Asics Gel Epirus isn’t the strongest model from Asics’ arsenal but it looks great with the plush mix of mint green suede, with purple nubuck overlays, closed mesh vamp, red quilted collar lining and a superb screened tartan in-sock. Like the Colorado 85, the Epirus also has some embossing on the heel, but this comes in the form of a thistle, the inspiration of this colourway.






DSC_0795 DSC_0827

It certainly felt like the general consensus was that both shoes were much more appealing once you got a feel of them in the flesh, and tried them on to see how they look. The standout for the Gel Epirus being the lush tropical green and purple colourway, with the gum sole, and the Colorado 85’s matching speckle laces to compliment the speckles on the upper.

Below are a few quick on-foot shots of both the Colorado 85, and the Gel Epirus; thanks to Adeel for being my brief instore on-foot model while he tried both pairs on.



Check out some shots below from some of those who were queuing on Saturday morning.















DSC_0736 DSC_0738

DSC_0740 DSC_0741


hanon shop x Onitsuka Tiger x Asics – “Glover Pack”

Following on from the teaser images and video, which was released last week, here are all the details you need to know about the upcoming hanon shop x Onitsuka Tiger x Asics “Glover Pack” collaboration, through the Family and Friends program.



Connecting ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger’s Japanese origins with hanon’s roots in Scotland, we pay tribute to the original Scottish samurai and legendary explorer Thomas Glover.

Hailing from Aberdeenshire in the north east of Scotland, Thomas Glover arrived in Japan in the mid 19th century as a shipping merchant trading in green tea. Within a few years he had played a crucial part in overthrowing the establishment supplying the rebelling Samurai clans with Scottish designed ships and modern arms. As well as introducing the first steam train in Japan he was a pivotal figure in the industrialisation of the country and is today regarded as a national hero.

Inspiration for our collaboration comes about from both Thomas Glover’s Scottish roots and adopted home in Japan.



Onitsuka Tiger’s Colorado 85 is the first of the two. Inspiration for this style is drawn from Japan – the land of the rising sun. Finished in a black and golden yellow colour-way we reworked the shoe from its original trail application to a mix of lux perforated suede, nubuck and synthetic overlays. A speckled lace-stay and screened in-sock loosely depict Thomas Glover’s trading in tea whilst his iconic moustache is embossed on the heel and a shimmering silver collar lining Tiger stripes nod to the enduring influence he had in Japan’s Industrial revolution.



Completing the pack, hanon reworked the GEL-EPIRUS – a classic runner from the ASICS archive. Both the colour-way and application depict the thistle which is the national emblem of Scotland. Executed in a plush mix of mint green suede with purple nubuck overlays the shoe features a closed mesh vamp, red quilted collar lining and screened tartan in-sock. Attention to detail appears by way of an embossed thistle detail on the heel overlays as well as our flame called out on the footbed.



hanon x ASICS x Onitsuka Tiger Tiger ‘Glover’ pack is released on Saturday September 27th 2014. Each pair will come available with additional lace sets and screened cotton dust bag.

Be sure to check out more shots of both the Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 and Asics Gel Epirus below:











TEASER: hanon shop x Onitsuka Tiger x Asics – “Glover Pack”

The collaborations are coming thick and fast, the last two years have felt like a bit of a collab conveyor belt in all honesty, and with countless pairs dropping each month, it gets a bit hard to keep up. Anyway, 11 months on from hanon shop’s last work with Onitsuka Tiger, they’re back again, but this time with a joint collaboration between themselves, Onitsuka Tiger and Asics.

Just this week, the first teaser images were released, along with a teaser video, which doesn’t exactly follow the usual script, and is enough to make anyone feel like they’re on a weird trip. It’s genius. Check them out below.



So what can we take from the video and the images?

First off, the name of the pack – “Glover Pack” – paying homage to Thomas Blake Glover, a man who’s name may not mean much to you, but he hails from Aberdeen and was a bit of a phenomenon in Japan. (when the full images release, I’ll focus more on the man himself, for a bit of background).

Well, there’s two shoes to start with, with the Onitsuka Tiger looking like another Colorado 85, partnered up with an Asics Gel Epirus. Not exactly everyone’s favourite models, but you’ve got to make the most of what you’re given!

Stepping away from the models, and onto the colourways; the thistle and the moustache seem to play a key part in the video, so we can expect the colourways of the shoes to somehow reflect this.

Keep an eye out for the full images to be released early next week, and as always, I’ll have all the details on my blog.