Bullers of Buchan

The light nights are no longer, we have officially hit October and the dark nights are rolling in, so trying to make the most of what free time I actually have during the week to get out and about, and that only seems to be on a Sunday, sadly.

Thankfully, there was no F1 this weekend (sorry Emma), and it was a pretty glorious day considering it’s October and Aberdeen, so we went out for a bit before I had to go to work.

When we were at New Slains Castle the other week, we were speaking to a guy and he made us aware of some places to check out further north of the castle, and since our car was parked in the opposite direction, we said we’d do this another day.

So, that was what today’s plan was!

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New Slains Castle

A couple of weeks ago, we actually tried to walk to what we thought was New Slains Castle, but turns out we were actually quite far away from it, and probably would have fallen off a cliff before we got there.

So, it was a Monday holiday, and we decided that we would try again, but this time we would actually make it successfully to the castle, and not go on some wild detour… my bad.

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Castle Fraser

I’ve developed a little castle obsession over the last few weeks, but sadly, our Scottish summer consists of rain, rain and more rain, rather than sun, so I’ve had to put some trips on the backburner. Anyway, we headed out to Castle Fraser, a 5 storey Z-Plan castle from the 15th century, which was home to the Fraser Family.

The main castle was completed around 1636, but there were several alterations in the 18th and 19th century.  The estate is quite large and has two easily followed trails taking you through a mixture of parkland, farmland and woodland, opening out to give views of Bennachie.

Sadly, as always, it was raining pretty bad, so we only took a quick stroll around the castle gardens and around the exterior of the castle itself. We’ll definitely have to take a trip back to explore more if we can get a day at the weekend where the weather clears up!


Crathes Castle

Everyone loves castles, right? Well Scotland has a good few of them.

Crathes Castle, just south of Aberdeen, near Banchory in Aberdeenshire is a 16th century castle,  and was built by the Burnetts of Leys and then held in their family for almost 400 years. It is now owned by the National Trust for Scotland and is of course, open to the public. For more history about the castle and the grounds that it sits on, be sure to head here.

Unfortunately, we never went inside the castle this time, so there’s no shots of the interior or anything, but next time I’ll be sure to check it out.

However, the castle estate itself has 530 acres of woodlands and fields, so we took a little wander through some of the trails there. Then, adjacent to the castle is near 4 acres of walled garden, which is a pretty special place, probably one of the nicest gardens I’ve been in.