New Balance x Hanon – Flying Club Samples

In August last year, for the first ever Sole Bloc sneaker festival in Glasgow, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some never before seen New Balance x Hanon samples for the NB Gallery display. So, before we get into this post, I suggest you take a look at the first post I wrote about the samples here, and then jump back to this one.

Since then, I’ve started working at Hanon, and the other week, Murray was lucky enough to get his hands on two pretty special samples, one of which was part of the “Flying Club” Pack, which was released back in 2008.

Obviously, knowing the excitable New Balance geek that I am, Murray was kind enough to let me borrow his now prized possessions, and along with some other samples as well as the two released pairs, I put them together and created this post.

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WOMFT (yesterday..) – New Balance 670NTU x Norse Projects

Technical not ‘wearing on my feet today’, but more ‘wearing on my feet yesterday’ and Unfortunately, I only have the one shot of these as it was late at work and I didn’t really want to get caught on camera faffing around.

Anyway, one of my favourite pairs and probably my favourite 670, definitely don’t wear them enough.

Norse Projects definitely nailed this collaboration back in 2009 and set the bar extremely high, so when they came back in 2013 with their 1500 ‘Danish Weather Pack’, we were all a little disappointed.