WOMFT – New Balance 1500CHF x Hanon Shop

Towards the end of last year I managed to pick up a second pair of this shoe, and to be honest, I don’t own many doubles, but with this pair being one of my favourites, it really is necessary.

As always, Hanon Shop ALWAYS deliver when it comes to a collaboration no matter what brand it is, and this 1500 was no different. Since 2010, in my humble opinion, Made in UK NB have been dealing with shape woes when it comes to their models, and the GR’s were gradually going downhill and starting to have a horrific banana shape teamed with a bulbous toe box, so when news leaked of Hanon collaborating with Flimby, we were all wondering the same thing….

Will Flimby sort it out??

The answer was yes, well, for this release anyway.

The guys at Hanon were well aware of the shape issues and pushed for it to be corrected for this release. The CHF used a different mesh to a normal 1500, a softer type which can be found on the 576NGA, and they also pushed and pushed for Flimby to use a different toe puff (the piece of material we hate). NB state that the toe puff creates structure and shape to the shoe, which yes, is correct, however, it gives the shoe this hideous bulbous appearance due to the size of said toe puff. Therefore, Hanon requested that a different and smaller toe puff be used.

It goes without saying that if the 1500CHF had been produced with the same shape of GR’s at their time then they wouldn’t be as much as a loved and sought after shoe as they currently are.

The 1500CHF was released back in 2012 and pays homage to 30 years of Flimby, with colourway and material ideas taken from iconic colourways on the 577 and 576 model. You really can’t go wrong with suede and mesh and navy/blues/greys when it comes to New Balance.

DSC_0242 DSC_0255 DSC_0261 DSC_0264

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